"Off​-​message" EP

by emissaries of syn

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first release
recorded with Matt @ Made of Ale Studios, Manchester (now Bristol) and Russ @ Orangesound, Penmaenmawr.
Cover art by Matt Smith matt-illustrations.tumblr.com


released May 1, 2015


all rights reserved


Track Name: Einstein's Monsters
Keep your head down don’t focus, on that burning truth in the sky
The colour of that mushroom cloud, is a kiloton of human blood

We’re Einstein’s monsters and we’re living in a nuclear war

The sword hangs over our heads, sheathed but kept sharp
The ultimate birth control, ‘til the born again want to die again

And you better pray that it never ever ends
Track Name: Words Fail You
The media mediate, digest and regurgitate, mould and manipulate,
an obvious agenda
But your words fail you, you’re saying nothing
Interpretation of the fictions, dumbing down of the diction, knee jerk reaction,
nu-speak school of no thought
But your words fail you, you’re fooling no-one
We have established, you are establishment, we know what you meant
By one-dimensional man
But your words fail you, you’re lying to yourself
Track Name: The Only Way Is Ethics
Stuck in the system, with a grudging acceptance
But you don’t have to swallow, or wallow in the mire

The only way, the only way, the only way is ethics

Fighting by inches, adding up to miles
Putting your foot down, a line in the sand

Live within your means, give meaning to your life
Progress always starts, with the memory of a dream
Track Name: Spare Some Social Change
Guilt and austerity don’t sell, so you settle for life in your own hell
First world problems trickle down, in disposable shit the rest drown

Making millions and millions and millions of the backs of the starving millions and millions and millions

Why would you settle for less, ‘cause you have too much
The world won’t sustain you, and your (im)material crutch
Track Name: Help Define Heroes
How can you be “distinguished” when you’re all so uniform?
What “courage” gave up dead end job for blood money for your beer?
Help define heroes, beyond turning up for work

So “brave” to stack the odds, technology in your favour
Is “nobility” seeing another human being beneath you?
Help define heroes, beyond living to tell the tale

Is this how we salve the shame, for what is done in our name?

Kids, used to being told what to do, abused kids, turn up, clock in, kill
Help define heroes, beyond what is not
Track Name: Acts of Gods
Yes I did it but you’ll never prove it, getting away with murder
Crawl back on the pedestal, with a leg-up from the lawyer
Don’t stray from your worship, follow this fallen angel
Your blind belief in ubermensch, sustains me above the law

Forgive us for our sins, they are but acts of your gods

Power of money, justifies injustice, idol celebrity, justifies injustice

Forgive us for our sins, they are but acts of your gods
Shameless, blameless but never nameless

My contrition a calculation, restore the tarnished icon
You can deface the statue but the legends already written
I have lived this dream for so long I believe my own myth
When I descend to your mortal world your lives I value less
Track Name: Another End Of The World
Throw your hand up and wail at the (wall of) screens depicting demise
Crave winter, beckon the fall, no future in your eyes

Another end of the world, see you on the other side
Not like we haven’t been here so many times before, a closing of a chapter, an opening of a door

Hedonists and flagellants, the opposites distract
Not signing up for a global suicide pact

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