"Clean Slate" EP

by emissaries of syn

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three new tracks plus a cover


released April 1, 2016

recorded and mixed autumn/winter 2015 @ orangesound studios penmaenmawr, with russ hayes


all rights reserved


Track Name: The slate is not clean
All that’s been built up, to the top of this state-ly pile
Was torn out of the heart, of the land, rank and file

The slate is not clean, payback never seen

And when the empire won a race, stamping on the others face
The result was the same at home, broken backs worked to the bone

A token for your efforts

Now the pattern is carved in stone, the split and the divide
Pyramid (scheme) crushing soul, a lifetime in this role

No wonder the backs are turned, no wonder the votes are spurned
Look down from your golden tower, and wonder why it burns

Dwi’n yma o hyd mewn ystidau
We’re still here in chains
Track Name: Weak, inherently
I believe in human kind and it’s capacity to think
Make the connection, fill the missing links
Effort, evolve, problems, resolve
Solidarity, no minority

But you’re weak and you… can’t take the pace. Of life.

Backseat complainer, along for the ride
Moaning majority, will not take a side
Kowtow, bow down, switch over or switch off
Vegetate, accept this state

Yes you’re weak and you
Will seek the easy way
Out of your mind
And you will find
There’s nothing left behind

Muscle is wasting, can’t raise a protest fist
Flatlined conscience, no spark just exist
Coma your comfort expect the rest to care
Give up? I give up

Cos you’re weak and you… can’t take the pace
Track Name: No dogs, no masters
spending the centuries, domesticating, now lazy, unleashed,
slaughtering the wild

no dogs, no masters, dragging these species at our heel, down to our level

utility atrophied, a stroking of the ego, mutual neuroses,
behaviour is excused

no dogs, no masters, co-dependence on your terms, encouraging the sychophants

sharing the luxury, of rabid consumption, at the expense,
of the unworthy herds

no dogs, no masters, never break this food chain, this favour from the top table

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